Melissa Glick



Workshops with Adults

A whole new way to look at technology: Explore the shapes and colors of computer parts and see the abstract beauty of deconstructed technology. The onslaught of new technology and continual upgrading has caused a worldwide epidemic of electronics waste. This artist has found something to do with it. She makes bold, colorful collage with the materials she finds inside obsolete computers, printers, scanners, cell phones etc.  Under the direction of Boston Artist, Melissa Glick, you are invited to use recycled computer parts and paper to create abstract compositions that explore shape, perspective, pattern & positive/negative space. Her method of attaching parts over a layer of collage, creates a conversation between 2 and 3 dimensional shapes & patterns. She provides an extensive variety of materials including, metals, plastic, foam - with unusual shapes, interesting textures, cut outs and a range of flexibility. She is inspired by the parts she feels recall non-representational sculpture reminiscent of Modernist movements, Geometrical Abstraction, Bauhaus, DeStijl, Cubism and the work of artists such as Louis Nevelson, Malevich & Calder.

Advanced classes include using shears to cut parts and a variety of methods for attaching computer parts to wood including, drilling holes and using wire, screws, glue gun. silicon and epoxy. 





Workshops with Children

Hacker Creations workshops give kids a chance to make a 3D abstract work of art that combines mosaic out of 2D recycled paper using a glue called ModPodge and attaching computer parts! All the parts have been chosen with children in mind and are made from plastic, rubber and metal. The project relies on good observation skills, imagination and experimentation. The children will be shown ways to make patterns, use contrasting shapes and colors, and layering to make an exciting, eye-popping creation!

Safety: In youth classes, no parts are cut. They are metal, plastic, rubber that have sorted and judged to be safe for the project. I bring no capacitors, diodes, transistors, resisters, or anything that contains harmful chemicals. But one should always wash their hands after handling e-waste!



Hacker Junk Mosaic workshops are available to come to schools, after schools, private parties and community events!For more information contact:







Harvard Educational Portal, May 2018

Google, Earth Day, April 2018

Tufts Crafts Center, April 2018

Fluff Festival, Sept 2017

Fuller Craft Museum, Brocton February 2016  

Cambridge City Hall, Veteran's Day 2016

Melrose Art Center - September 2015

Cambridge River Festival June 2015

Nave Gallery - June 2015

Concord Art Association - May 2015                                  

Artisan's Asylum, Somerville, MA - Sept 2014

Art Beat, Somerville, MA - July 2014

Assembly Row's Art in the Park - July 2014

Somerville Public Library- February 2014 

Cambridge Public Schools/ Cambridge Art Association - February 2014

Somerville Public Library - December 2013

Watertown Arsenal Center for the Arts - Fall 2013

Artisan's Asylum – August 2013

River Festival, Cambridge, MA - June 2013

Parts & Crafts, Somerville MA – Summer 2013

Leonard Bernstein Festival, Brandeis University April 2013  

Cambridge Science Festival- April 2013

Laboure Center After School, South Boston - Feb 2013

Somerville Mini Maker Faire - Oct 2012

Artisan’s Asylum - Jan 2012












10 Tyler St. Somerville, MA

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